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Speed | Unique | Customisable | Fun


BOHO 370 Race Board

The BOHO 370 Race Board combines old school fun with current state of the art technology.  And it’s QUICK!

Peter Thommen

Designed by Peter Thommen

Designed and shaped by Peter Thommen, one of the most iconic and successful shapers of raceboards in the 80s and 90s

Our latest Innovation

Discover the unique one of a kind BOHO 370 Race Board, designed and shaped by Peter Thommen, one of the most iconic and successful shapers of Raceboards in the 80s and 90s.

Asked if he could design a board that had an old school feel with cutting edge technology, his magical hands did the work and came up with the BOHO 370 Race board.

Despite being known as the BOHO 370 Race, it is a board of 369.7 cm with a width of 68 cm, max thickness is 16.3 cm and the volume is 270 liters to make the board less bouncy on the water.

Weight of this prototype is around 13.5 kg.

The underwater hull is a Quatro concave that continues to the rear in a slightly sunken V with concave, so the batwings are actually kind of incorporated into the board. At the top it is an old school outline, 1 foot off is 39.8 cm.

Our board is the same quality as the old school boards but several kilos lighter and as robust as in the old days.

It is a completely new board with a nod to the past and the tecnological advances of the future.

The boom is made out of carbon making it much easier to water start and much easier to handle for beginners and experts alike.

With over 40 years of hardcore windsurfing experience – welcome to the BOHO BOYZ of Holland!

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Watch the 1st trial run here!


BOHO 370 Race - Geert & Peter

Length: 369.7 cm

Width: 68 cm

Max Thickness: 16.3 cm

Volume: 270 litres

Weight: 13.5 kg

In the very near future you’ll be able to customise your board with various colour sets, straps and BOHO colour decals.

Add your own personal touch and show of your personal preferences!

Coming soon!

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